copy-typingThe manner in which we write a sentence and the way we speak differ greatly. Written sentences have a clear beginning, middle and an end with punctuation marks that signify a pause or a full-stop. However, a conversation between two people may have many incomplete sentences, a few words spoken here and there, pauses as well as filler expressions while stressing a point.

Reading a transcript that accurately transcribes each and every word as well as every expression does not always make complete sense.Intelligent Verbatim Transcription aim to highlight the main essence of a conversation or discussion without placing much emphasis on the manner in which it was spoken. Such a transcription is devoid of filler words, any repeated words or phrases and all other irrelevant material which does not alter the actual content matter. If asked to, a transcriptionist can also rectify any grammatical errors and correct any abbreviations while transcribing the audio tape.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription is ideal for lectures, meetings, conferences and even for a few interviews. If you would like to have your audio files transcribed in this style, simply mention your specifications while uploading your audio files on our website. Our transcriptionists will have your transcript ready in a few hours!