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EQ Transcription Services Ltd is now working in Saudi Arabia, amongst other countries. There is no doubt that here oil is the number one business. Saudi Arabia has the biggest known oil reserves in the world, and in fact this one country dominates the supply with one-fifth of all the reserves in the world. Things have more or less settled down since the boom of the 70s and 80s and the following unemployment difficulties of the 90s.

Now Petroleum and related industries dominates the Saudi economy, although there is some mining for gold, titanium, gypsum, silica, and many more resources. Saudi Arabia imports a large quantity of foodstuff. One way and another, EQ Transcription Services Ltd can offer its services for all these business, and more besides.

Transcription of interviews, meetings and such are carried out efficiently and quickly, with careful mention of who said what. The Copy Typing Services are provided by a capable team of typists who work with typed and hand written pages to deliver a perfect service. We also offer a proof reading and editing service for clients who prefer to write their own presentations, dissertations or any other document. Our team, will check and correct, making it a fluent and clear read without losing any of the feeling you put into it.