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EQ Transcription Services Ltd is now operating in Kuwait, as well as many other countries. Kuwait is the 48th largest export economy in the world and that means a lot of business documents of all types going back and forth between countries. Not everyone is fluent in English, capable of transcribing recordings or proof reading and editing. That is why we at EQ Transcription Services Ltd are happy to now be assisting this country in their dealings.

English is the global language of business and travel, and for that reason, we at London transcription only employ British staff. We know only a true native can capture the real meaning of many phrases and we want to be sure your documents are as good as they can possibly be.

Each person who works at EQ Transcription Services Ltd has been selected so they can offer the best assistance possible at very competitive prices. They are experienced in their fields and meet deadlines so important work will not be delivered late, causing you problems.

Our services include:

Interview Transcription

Focus Group / Meeting Transcription

Copy Typing Services

Proof reading and editing

Using our skilled staff for any transcription you need is quick and easy. Simply select the type of work you need done and upload the relevant documentation. We will start work on it as soon we receive the documents. These can be anything from typed pages to handwritten papers.

We at EQ Transcription Services Ltd wish to assure you we take your privacy and internet safety very seriously. Our servers use SSL security, managed 24 hours a day.

Not only do we see to your transcription needs, but we take the worry and stress out of business dealings by providing a professional and timely service.