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EQ Transcription Services Ltd now works in Bahrain. Bahrain, officially the Kingdom of Bahrain since 2002, is an island country in the Persian Gulf. Unfortunately age-old tension causes some unrest in Bahrain, but nonetheless, apart from oil, it has managed to become a regional banking and financial services centre.

The family of the present King have ruled Bahrain since 1783. Another odd fact about this country is that Bahrain has the largest degree of internet saturation in the Arab world. That is one of the places we at EQ Transcription Services Ltd can help with. Most dealings with the outside world, be they in person or online, are often conducted in English, simply because this is the most used language for business. We offer professional transcription services, done by British typists with experience in many fields and a vast diversity of situations. Our copy typing services, again fulfilled by experiences British typists, are fast and accurate. We work with both typed and handwritten documents to provide a beautifully typed finished document on or before your deadline. Once you have uploaded your work we will get started so you have the finished product as quickly as possible. If you prefer to write your work yourself, you can avail of our proofreading and editing department.

The team is experienced in many fields, including scientific, academic, conference papers, dissertations, books and many other areas. We have a small team dedicated to providing and proofreading and editing services to the authors of PhD theses, journal articles, essays and other professional documents. Using EQ Transcription Services Ltd in simply a matter of uploading your documents for the service you require and waiting for us to send you the completed work. This will be accurate and finished in a timely manner, leaving you free to get on with other sides of your business.