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Employment Guidelines

Before applying to work with us, please ensure you have read the following guidelines and can comply with them:

Interview Transcription

It doesn’t matter if you are interviewing for research, legal purposes, for politics or for the media because our interview transcription service delivers the highest quality transcripts within your deadlines.

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Focus Group Transcription

These  are quite difficult to transcribe as different voices need to be identified  and multiple statements are spoken simultaneously. With our expertise however, you are always assured of the accurate transcripts.

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Typing & Formatting

Fast and efficient- those are the two words that best describe our typing services. At just £5.50 per 1000 words, our typing services are highly cost-effective without compromising on quality in any way.

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Order Service

Why waste time sending files back and forth when we have a faster option for you? Simply upload your files here, enter your requirements.